Networking & Distributed Computing


Network and Distributed Computing

The world renowned networking group at OSU has made fundamental breakthroughs in the theory and practice of communication networks. The research in our group spans across a multitude of different types of networks, from wireless and wireline networks to social and cyber-physical networks. Our group seeks to understand the fundamental correctness and performance limits of these networks, explore the design of protocols and architectures that can substantially improve the experience of end-users, and validate them through implementations on real platforms. We investigate problems involved in the design, performance, control, implementation, and security of these networks. Our research includes a variety of different topics covering cellular networks, smartphones, sensor and actuator networks, ad hoc and mesh networks, vehicular networks, low-power computing and communication, security and dependability, software defined networking, renewable energy based networking, learning based distributed signal processing, scheduling in data-centers, and formal methods.
networking and distributed computing

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