Ramnath, Rajiv


I am a Professor of Practice in Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University. I extensively collaborate with industry and other departments on research, education and workforce programs, and teach several industry-relevant courses. I recently returned from a 3+ year rotation as a Program Director in the Software cluster in the Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure, in the Computer and Information Science and Engineering directorate at the National Science Foundation. Prior to this I worked for many years in industry, leading government-funded research and commercial product development. My industry R&D lab, almost unbeknownst to me, turned into a startup, so I ended up as an entrepreneur! In addition to his academic work, I have also advised large and small businesses and startups on computing and information technology strategies.

My work covers 4 areas of research and practice: (i) Data Science for Intelligent Systems, (ii) Systems, Networking, and Signal Processing, (iii) Software Engineering and Software Applications, and (iv) Enterprise Strategy, Engineering and Management. An additional area of my work, is Computer Science Education and Cyberlearning.