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All graduating students should ensure that they have kept their address on file until their graduation but must also leave a forwarding address with the University. This will ensure that diplomas, once awarded, are forwarded correctly.

Spring End of Semester (EOS) deadlines - Phd and MS

If you have an approved Application to Graduate for SP20, the end of semester deadline is now July 2, 2020. Students intent on using the Spring End of Semester option for Summer 2020 graduation must complete all degree requirements (e.g., final examinations and final thesis/dissertation submissions) by July 2 in order to avoid registration for the Summer 2020 term. Students who have not yet switched to the Spring 2020 End of Semester option must do so by April 24, 2020. Please be aware that flexibility for remote examinations and online format review will also be extended through end of Summer 2020.

Incomplete SP20 grades + SU20 graduation

Students with a grade of “Incomplete” in a Spring 2020 course that are intending to graduate in Summer 2020 are strongly encouraged to have a final course grade by the July 2, 2020 Spring End of Semester deadline, ahead of the July 18, 2020 extended deadline, in order to graduate in summer term without enrolling. 

How do I submit the graduate program forms to the Graduate School?

You can submit the graduate school forms, such as application to graduate, candidacy oral exam, and dissertation oral exam, online at

How do I file my program extension forms?

Please visit the website of Office of International Affairs to download the program extension form. Fill in the relevant fields and email your advisor for approval. Then you can send the scanned copy to the Graduate Studies Coordinator Ms. Lynn Lyons at for approval from the Graduate Studies Chair.

How do I sign up M.S. Comprehensive exams, Ph.D. Qualifying Exams, or Accelerated Option for Ph.D. Qualifying Exams?

Please visit CSE Portal: using your login information to sign up.

How do I file CSE Graduate Program forms such as Candidacy Exam form and Change Advisor form?

Please download the CSE Graduate Program forms, fill in the forms and send the scanned copies to the Graduate Studies Coordinator Ms. Lynn Lyons at

Change of Advisor Form
Candidacy Exam Form 
Ph.D. Reading Committee 

How to plan for an MS oral exam, Phd candidacy exam or Phd dissertation defense?


Graduate Thesis/Competency Exam/Proposal

The Graduate School has communicated that if your students are completing a candidacy exam, thesis oral exam, or dissertation defense, you will need to shift to a videoconference meeting format and you may do so without needing to petition. You can schedule a Zoom meeting and incorporate a very basic identity verification step to meet the Graduate School’s requirements for protecting exam integrity. For undergraduate exams in this format, your department can use these same recommendations to guide its planning. 


  • Use Zoom to host a defense meeting. 
  • The student’s advisor should draft and sign a document verifying the student’s identity as documentation of ID verification. 

Planning considerations:

  • Discuss as a committee before the defense what your expectations will be and share them with your student. Expect longer delays for processing questions and providing verbal answers. 
  • If students will be expected to diagram, draw or show visual elements, make those expectations and a list of required materials available to them well ahead of time.


  • Zoom videoconference meetings require a device with a camera and microphone and high-speed internet access. Work with your students to determine who cannot meet those requirements. 
  • If you have students who will not have Wi-Fi access for the duration of the exam, work with your department chair to find access alternatives. The Graduate School asks faculty to be as flexible as possible with their graduate students in making arrangements. 

Adjusted SP20 deadlines for the completion of comprehensive final oral examinations, as well as final thesis/dissertation submission and approval.

• Graduate Final Oral Examinations for students graduating Spring 2020 should be completed by Friday, April 17.  Our prior date was April 10th

• Graduate Final Theses/Dissertations from students graduating Spring 2020 must be submitted and approved by the Graduate School by Friday, April 24. Our prior date was April 17th

• For Graduate Students that miss these deadlines, we will extend our “End of Semester Graduation Deadline”, that allows students to graduate summer term without summer enrollment, is extended to Tuesday May 12. Please note that this deadline applies to graduate students only and does not apply to the university’s general academic calendar. The date for this late graduation option without paying for summer enrollment is always 1 day before the start of the next semester.

If you have questions that are not answered by your program or adviser, please contact the Graduate School’s Graduation Services address

As an MS student, how do I check that I am on track for graduation?

MS CSE Coursework Track only (pdfexcel)
MS CSE Coursework Track with project option (pdfexcel)
MS CSE Research Track (pdfexcel)

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