CSE, CIS and pre-CSE Advising

You are encouraged to contact your assigned advisor via e-mail with quick questions or concerns regarding your academic plan or other scheduling issues. You can also take advantage of 5-10 minute Same Day Express (some in-person, some on Zoom) or make a 30-minute appointment for a longer conversation. (See side bar for appropriate conversations for each type of appointment). Instructions for both are below.

Same Day Express and 30-minute appointments are for current CSE, CIS and pre-CSE students only. Other students should check here for their advising options.

Same Day Express Schedule

June 1st - July 28th

Days Times Modality
Mondays 2:30p - 4:00p Virtual 
Thursdays 2:30p - 4:00p In-Person (376 Dreese Labs)


No Same Day Express Advising July 3rd - July 7th 



IMPORTANT: You cannot schedule your Virtual Same Day Express appointment ahead of time.

Please check in to Same Day Express online using OnCourse during the hours. Detailed instructions are below.

Virtual/Zoom Same Day Express Appointments Instructions

1) Click the blue button marked "Schedule Appointment", then "View Drop-In Times".

2) Choose "Advising" as the type of appointment and "Same Day Express (phone/remote) as the service.

3) The "location" is the CSE Advising Office and you should select the first available staff. You won't be able to meet with a specific advisor during drop-ins.

4) A Zoom link will be sent to your OSU e-mail within a few minutes of your check in.  You must sign is using Carmen Zoom.

5)  Please e-mail compsciadvising@osu.edu if you have trouble checking in for drop-ins.

You will have 5-10 minutes with an advisor due to the high volume of students who need assistance. Please be prepared with specific questions.

In-Person Same Day Express Appointments Instructions

Please come to 376 Dreese labs and check-in on the computer.

You will have 5-10 minutes with an advisor  for Same Day Express appointments due to the high volume of students who need assistance. Please be prepared with specific questions.

How to schedule 30-minute Appointments 

Please email compsciadvising@osu.edu with 3-4 specific days and times you are available and an advisor will set up an appointment for you


Appointments are available for CSE/CIS majors and pre-CSE students only. These are 30-minute meetings that are appropriate for anything requiring long-term planning (such as graduation plans, financial aid appeals, reinstatement petitions, ROTC forms, etc.) and concerns about academic progress. Please prepare in advance for your appointment as much as possible (run a degree audit, have your schedule projection draft, etc.) and be prepared to take notes.

OnCourse is the website you should use to schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor (http://go.osu.edu/oncourse) You will need to choose from one of the following appointment reasons when making your appointment. Note that each reason has an in-person or remote option, so choose what is best for you. If you are open to either, this may increase appointment availability.

  • Academic Status/Academic Success Support
  • Application/Admission to Program
  • Checking Progress
  • Graduation
  • Long-Term Course/Schedule/Degree Planning
  • Schedule for Next Term
  • Other

Please e-mail your advisor if you experience difficulty when scheduling.

Professional Academic Advisors

Nikki Strader, Head of Advising
Lindsey Gortner, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Nathan Hoch, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Lisa Long, Undergraduate Senior Academic Advisor
Melissa Toretch, Undergraduate Senior Academic Advisor
Hannah Worley, Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Academic Advisors can assist with:

  • Academic planning
  • Graduation requirements
  • Financial Aid petitions
  • College petitions
  • Referrals to campus resources
  • Placement tests
  • Changing majors
  • Minors
  • Internship planning

Faculty Advisors

Once accepted into the major, students have access to a faculty advisor based on the student's specialization. Faculty advisors can assist with:

  • Internships
  • Industry questions
  • Research opportunities
  • Technical questions
  • Technical elective course selection

Appropriate topics for Same Day Express (5-10 minutes) appointments:

  • Add/Drop course(s)
  • Quick schedule changes for students who don’t have access to change schedules on their own.  You must come with a specific open class section you would like to add
  • Urgent matters that must be completed before the end of the first week of classes or first week of scheduling
  • 1-2 questions regarding GE or CSE major requirements
  • Application to major questions
  • Urgent SAP appeals for the current semester
  • Other urgent/time sensitive issues 

Topics taking longer than 5-10 minutes maybe referred to a 30-minute appointment


Appropriate topics for 30-minute appointments:

  • Planning your courses and scheduling
  • Checking on your progress and performance
  • Long range class or career planning
  • Completing a petition (SAP appeal, ROTC projection, Withdrawal/ Registration Petitions, Curriculum Petitions, etc.)
  • Talking through decisions and weighing options
  • Exploring majors and minors
  • Academic Probation conferences
  • Dismissal appeals
  • Reinstatement inquires, petitions, etc.