Minjia Zhang

I am currently a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, doing my Phd under the guidance of Prof. Michael D. Bond.
I received my Bachelor's degree and Master's degree from Huazhong University of Science and technology in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

Research Interests:

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Journal Publications:

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Conference Publications:

  • J. Jose, H. Subramoni, M. Luo, M. Zhang, J. Huang, M. W. Rahman, N. S. Islam, X. Ouyang, S. Sur and D. K. Panda, Memcached Design on High Performance RDMA Capable Interconnects, Int'l Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP '11), Sept. 2011
  • Minjia Zhang,Hai Jin,Song Wu,Xuanhua Shi "VirtCFT: A Transparent VM-level Fault-Tolerant System for Virtual Clusters", International Conference on Parrallel and Distributed System(ICPADS), Shang Hai, China, 2010.

  • Contact Information:

    Minjia Zhang,
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
    674, Dresse Lab,
    2015 Neil Avenue,
    Columbus, Ohio 43210-1277.

    Ph: (614) 940-0520.
    Email: zhanminj__AT_cse.ohio-state.edu