Wenjie Zeng

I am Graduate Student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, doing my Phd under the guidance of Prof. Anish Arora.
I am a member of the Dependable Distributed and Networked Systems research group.

Research Interests:

Resume:  PDF (Might be a little out dated)

Journal Publications:

Under construction

Conference Publications:

  • W. Zeng, A. Arora, and N. Shroff. "Maximizing Energy Efficiency for Convergecast via Joint Duty Cycle and Route Optimization", IEEE Infocom Miniconference, San Diego, USA, 2010.
  • M. Sridharan, W. Zeng, et al. "From Kansei to KanseiGenie: Architecture of Federated, Programmable Wireless Sensor Fabric", TridentCom, Berlin, Germany, 2010.
  • Book Chapters:

  • M. Sridharan, W. Zeng, et al. "KanseiGenie: Software Infrastructure for Resource Management and Programmability of Wireless Sensor Network Fabrics", Next Generation Network Architecture, Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam et at. (editors), Springer, to appear.

  • Contact Information:

    Wenjie Zeng,
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
    395, Dresse Lab,
    2015 Neil Avenue,
    Columbus, Ohio 43210-1277.

    Office: 286, Dresse Lab. Ph: (614) 292-4650.
    Email: zengw_AT_cse.ohio-state.edu