Kanas Lake, Xinjiang, China
Rick Parent
Professor Emeritus
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Ohio State University
mailing address: 395 Dreese Lab
2015 Neil Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43210
614-292-2911 (fax)
I am retired; the best way to contact me is via email: User Name: parent
domain: cse.ohio-state.edu


Semester Graphics Curriculum

I have retired: as of June 2012. I am still around advising my final PhD students.

Computer Animation: Algorithm and Techniqes: The 3rd edition of my book is due out fall of 2012. It is a little bit behind schedule, but should be available soon.

Bio: Rick Parent is a Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department of Ohio State University (OSU). As a graduate student, Rick worked at the Computer Graphics Research Group (CGRG) at OSU under the direction of Charles Csuri. In 1977, he received his Ph.D. from the Computer and Information Science (CIS) Department, majoring in Artificial Intelligence. For the next three years, he worked at CGRG first as a Research Associate, and then as Associate Director. In 1980 he co-founded and was President of The Computer Animation Company. In 1985, he joined the faculty of the CIS Department (now the Department of Computer Science and Engineering) at Ohio State. Rick's research interests include various aspects of computer animation with special focus on animation of the human figure. He is the author of Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques, published by Morgan Kaufmann. The first edition (cover on the left) came out in 2001 and the 2nd edition was published in September, 2007 (cover on the right). Currently, his studnets are working on synthetic sound, perception of motion, interactive evolutionary design, and cloth. He is also starting to work on the 3rd edition of his book. (Vita)




Currently, research projects include synthetic sound, cloth, interactive evolutionary design, and perception of motion. See my vita for a list of publications, grants, and former students.


I have primarily taught courses in computer graphics. I have also taught the introductory course on computer architecture in the past that includes some assembly language and, more recently, a course on numerical methods. See the following links for details:

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