Jipeng Huang ()

PhD student

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The Ohio State University

Mailing Address:
2015 Neil Ave. DL395
Columbus, OH 43210, USA
Office: DL674
Email: huang.814@osu.edu


One paper is accepted to PLDI'2014
Two papers are accepted to OOPSLA'2013

About Me

    I am now a Phd student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University. Before I came here, I obtained my BS degree in Information and Computing Science from Jiangnan University in 2007 and MS degree in Computer Science from Tongji University in 2010, respectively.
    At OSU, I work in the PLaSS group under the guidance of Prof. Michael Bond, trying to solve some issues related to concurrency and dynamic analysis.


     My general research interest is developing program analysis for compilers, runtime system and memory management. Broadly speaking, I'm trying to use dynamic analysis technique to develop efficient approach to make nowadays software more reliable. Currently I am now working on calling context and collaborating with my colleages over concurrency issues.


PLDI'2014 DoubleChecker: Efficient Sound and Precise Atomicity Checking
Swarnendu Biswas, Jipeng Huang, Aritra Sengupta, and Michael D. Bond
OOPSLA'2013 Efficient Context Sensitivity for Dynamic Analyses via Calling Context Uptrees and Customized Memory Management
Jipeng Huang, and Michael D. Bond
Paper   Talk
OOPSLA'2013 Octet: Capturing and Controlling Cross-Thread Dependences Efficiently
Michael D. Bond, Milind Kulkarni, Man Cao, Minjia Zhang, Meisam Fathi Salmi, Swarnendu Biswas, Aritra Sengupta, and Jipeng Huang
PLDI'2011 FIT Efficient, Context-Sensitive Dynamic Analysis via Calling Context Uptrees
Jipeng Huang, and Michael D. Bond
Paper   Talk

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