Resources for Teaching with Phrogram

Wayne D. Heym

Available via links below are most of the materials I developed while teaching for the fourth time a course centered around Phrogram.  This was a ten-week course taught to college students who had never programmed a computer before.  One of the items missing from the course materials is the course calendar.  The course met for "one hour" (really, forty-eight minutes) four times each week (for ten weeks).  The first three class meetings were for "closed lab".  These words mean time in a computer laboratory working with a partner accomplishing tasks according to written instructions, with an instructor and an assistant available to answer your questions.  The fourth class meeting was for an instructor presentation and class discussion held in a classroom with the only computer being used by the instructor to project images (especially the Phrogram environment and resulting running programs) on a big screen.  The plan for each of the next six weeks was similar, except that an instructor presentation was replaced by a midterm exam.  The last three weeks were dedicated to the presentation of student projects.  I haven't attached the quizzes and exams that I gave.  However, their content might readily be inferred from the homework assignments.  Generally, after each homework assignment was turned in, I gave a seven-minute, one-question quiz covering a chief question from that homework assignment.

 I offer these materials in hope that they may prove useful to someone.