My favorite Chrome extensions:

add 2 Google Notebook - Version:
Current page add to Google Notebook.

AdThwart- Version: 0.8.10
Blocks ads using the Firefox AdBlock Plus filter engine. Kiss ads goodbye and browse in peace!

Forecastfox Weather - Version: 1.5.11
View current conditions, 7-day forecast, maps and severe weather alerts in an easily readable format.

Mouse Stroke - Version:
Use mouse strokes (aka gestures) to accelerate your operations. Support super drag & go, rocker gestures and wheel gestures in one extension! Volunteer translators needed.

Google Mail Checker - Version: 3.1
Displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox. You can also click the button to open your inbox.

How to resolve "Chrome linux cannot render Chinese font corretly"

My favorite Firefox extensions:

Personal Menu
// Compact Menu 2



Basic Bookmarks for FF3


Google Notebook --Original XPI and Bumped maxVersion to Firefox 3.6

Gmail Auto BCC for Greasemonkey

Easy DragToGo

Default FullZoom Level -- New extension works in FF3.5.

// All-in-One Gestures

Download Statusbar


Forecastfox Enhanced
// ForecastFox

Adblock Plus


CHM Reader

IE Tab (for Windows)
// IE View (fow Windows)

GMarks --Latest Beta Version

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Last updated at Mar 20, 2010