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Welcome to the homepage of Computer Graphics in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (formerly, the Department of Computer and Information Science). Since the late 60s members of this group have been involved in this emerging field. We welcome you to explore our work and research here.


Congratulations to Tamal Dey for his SIGGRAPH paper: "Computing Geometry-aware Handle and Tunnel Loops in 3D Models" by T.K. Day, K. Li, J. Sun, D. Cohen_Steiner. (May. 2008)

In the news: haptic communication- Cell phone (Mar. 7, 2008)

In the news: Nothing to do with graphics, but this is cool form CMU Robotics Institutel: - Modular Snake Robots (Mar. 7, 2008)

In the news: Science Daily - Gesture-driven Computers Will Take Computer Gaming To New Level' (Mar. 7, 2008)

In the news: Science Daily - Children with autism may learn from 'virtual peers' (Mar. 6, 2008)

In the news:: Science Daily - Magnetic levitation gives computer users sense of touch (Mar. 6, 2008)

Alumnus wins Academy SciTech Award: Doug Roble (CSE Ph.D. '92) wins a Scientific and Technical Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. (Feb 29, 2008)

In the news: Modeling crowd behavior in panic situations. (Feb 29, 2008)

Pixar visit Feb. 25-26: Representatives from Pixar will visit the CSE 682.class this Winter Quarter on Monday, Feb. 25. On Tuesday, Pixar will interview for jobs and internships. See the flyer. (Feb 8, 2008)

Dreamworks talk Nov. 1: Jeff Beal, Pipeline Architect from DreamWorks, will give a technical talk, Nov. 1 at 3:30 in DL480. Dreamworks will also be interviewing CS students on Nov. 1 for jobs in upcoming year; email Rick Parent (parent@cse..) to schedule a time slot. (Oct 26, 2007)

Pixar looking for Winter Interns: Deadline is Friday, Nov. 2. (Oct. 30, 2007)

In the news: Preview of the game SPORE. (Sept 17, 2007)

Visits from industry: Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks are all planning visits this year. A technical director from Dreamworks is scheduled to give a talk in the Department Nov. 1st - details to follow. Pixar and Dreamworks will visit a CSE682 class Winter Quarter (Sept 17, 2007)

In the news:Video games as disaster-training tools (Sept 17, 2007)

Rythm & Hues job posting update: from one of our alumnae, Nivedita Sahasrabudhe, R&H job postings including 3 software positions (June 25, 2007)

In the news: Virtual Crowd Model Predicts Mob Behavior (June 12, 2007)




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In the news:: First 4D Virtual Human Created, Dubbed CAVEman (May 29, 2007)

.• Rythm & Hues Software Department is hiring:: Interns and full time staff. For interns, send resumes to; for full-time, send resumes to (May 7, 2007).

Cool web site of the week: Need something to occupy your time that exercises your 3D spatial reasoning. Check out a nice 3D applet, Solid Houses (April 11, 2007).

Welcome Ed Angel: Ed Angel, author of the textbook we use in CSE 581 and internationally known OpenGL guru, will be visiting us on Friday, April 13 and will give a talk in that course. (April 11, 2007).

Cool web site of the week: Check out animation helping to visualize how dinosaurs walk.. (April 5, 2007).

New Course in the Fall: CSE694A - Computer Animation and Techniques. This is a companion course to CSE682. 682 becomes strictly a capstone design course and 694A is a survey of algorithms closely tied to the book by the same name. (March 19, 2007).

Cool web site of the week: Check out this new mocap product Thanks to Domin Lee for the pointer. (March 16, 2007).

Just because it's Friday: Check out this video on VideoSift (March 9, 2007).

Presentation: Alla Safonova from CMU will talk about intuitive interfaces for synthesizing natural human motion, March 6, 2007.

Check out AnyBots: dynamically balancing walks at : Thanks to Ben Schroeder for the pointer. (March '07)

Disney is looking: for interns and full time. See their web site. (Posted: March '07)

ACCAD & the Oscars: : check out the animated short, No Time for Nuts, created by ACCAD alumni that's nominated for an Oscar.

Electronic Arts visit: : Feb. 21 & 22, EA will be interviewing students for both internships and permanent positions in both art and technical areas - Wednesday at ACCAD and Thursday here in CSE..

Pixar visit: : Mar. 5& 6, Pixar will be interviewing students for both internships and permanent positions in both art and technical areas . They will visit CSE 682 on Monday, give a presentation at ACCAD (Bale Auditorium) Monday evening. and interview students on Tuesday.

• Congratulations on the new job: Arun Somasundaram is off to Disney studios in Burbank, CA - congratulations! (Aug. '06)

New Ph.D. : Congratulations to Yootai Kim on successfully defending his Ph.D. dissertation "Realistic Gaseous Animation Control Using Velocity Matching Based on Linear Feedback." (advisor: Raghu Machiraju)

•Congratulations to summer interns: Bryan Cline (Dreamworks), Yisheng Chen (Pixar), Jonathan Woodring (Los Alamos National Lab), Chaoli Wang (Oak Ridge National Lab), John Scott (Disney), Josh Levine (DSI technology)

• Congratulations to recent grads on their jobs/schools: Mike Ford (DSCI), Bob Kopinsky (Dreamworks), Guangfend Ji (Vital Image), Tony Garcia (Intel), Samrat Goswami (Post-doc at UT Austin), Tathagata Ray (Post-doc at RPI), Kyle Moore (UNC grad school)

• Interesting Web Site of the Week: Computer Scientists Create 'light field camera' banishing fuzzy photos

• Interesting Web Site of the Week: Wave Your Hand, Draw in 3D

• Interesting Web Site of the Week: Haptic sports garments

• Educational Web Site of the Week: Line Integrals



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