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Button Khoury Wins TechTomorrow Scholarship


TechColumbus chose Marc Khoury, CSE junior, to receive their TechTomorrow scholarship.

Marc Khoury, originally from Strongsville,Ohio,is a very active undergraduate.  He exceeds in the classroom. His research is in computational geometry, particularly in Isosurfaces. Extra-curricularly, he works as a math tutor and has served on two committees: last year he was the student respresentative on CSE’s semester task force, which designed the semester curriculum for the semester switch; and this year, undergraduate representative on the engineering undergraduate honors committee, which deals with the honors program and undergraduate research.  He is also a member of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) programming contest team.

He began researching Isosurfaces with Rafe Wenger when he was a new freshman. This investigation delves into the representation of the boundaries of objects in three dimensional volumetric data sets such as the data sets produced by MRI or CT scanners.  Marc co-authored a paper, "On the Fractal Dimension of Isosurfaces" with Dr. Wenger, which has just been presented at the 2010 IEEE Visualization Conference.  The paper analyzes the complexity of isosurfaces and its relationship to noise in the data. The IEEE Visualization Conference is the leading conference in computer visualization and accepted only 25% of the 185 papers submitted.

In his free time, which he claims to have, Marc enjoys hanging out with his friends and enjoying the campus. He is also a member of Ohio State’s parkour group Parkour Horizons.

TechColumbus is an organization dedicated to developing technology-related businesses in central Ohio.  The TechTomorrow scholarship supports future leaders in technology.  This year the pool of applicants included students from a dozen schools from all over Ohio and the received more applications than ever before.

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