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CSE 732: Computational Linguistics


Computational techniques for understanding and producing natural language, investigating the structure and meaning of sentences and connected discourse. Symbolic and probabilistic techniques are discussed.

Level, Credits, Class Time Distribution, Prerequisites

Level Credits Class Time Distribution Prerequisites
UG 4 3 cl 630, 625 or Linguist 684.01, Linguist 201, or permission of instructor

Quarters Offered

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Intended Learning Outcomes

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Representative Texts and Other Course Materials

Textbook(s) and other materials listed are representative only. Please visit or contact a campus-area bookstore before the term starts to determine the textbook(s) to be used in a particular section of the course.

Representative Topics List

Number of Hours Topic
7 Course intro, POS tagging and parsing
7 Semantic analysis, logical forms
6 Supra-segmental processing: speech acts, rhetorical relations, contextual effects on meaning
7 Generation
3 Exams and review

Representative Lab Assignments

Representative Grading Plan

Labs 40%
Midterm 25%
Final 25%
Class Participation 10%

Relationship to BS-CSE Program Outcomes

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Course Coordinator: Eric Fosler-Lussier

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