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CSE 730: Survey of Artificial Intelligence II: Advanced Topics


A survey of advanced concepts, techniques, and applications of artificial intelligence, including knowledge-based systems, learning, natural language understanding, and vision.

Level, Credits, Class Time Distribution, Prerequisites

Level Credits Class Time Distribution Prerequisites
UG 3 3 cl 630

Quarters Offered

General Information, Exclusions, Cross-listings, etc.

Intended Learning Outcomes

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Representative Texts and Other Course Materials

Textbook(s) and other materials listed are representative only. Please visit or contact a campus-area bookstore before the term starts to determine the textbook(s) to be used in a particular section of the course.

Representative Topics List

Number of Hours Topic
2 Introduction, probability theory
6 Probabilistic inference
4 Machine learning
2 Computer vision
2 Computer audition
2 Automatic speech recognition
2 Spoken dialogue systems
3 Natural language processing
2 Abstract reasoning
2 Information retreival
3 Exams, exam review

Representative Lab Assignments

Representative Grading Plan

Quizzes (2 x 10%) 20%
Final exam 20%
Final project (including proposal and presentation) 25%
Homeworks 30%
Participation 5%

Relationship to BS-CSE Program Outcomes

For details see;SYLLABUS_ID=369

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Course Coordinator: Eric Fosler-Lussier

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